The legendary Arion Press publishing my poem The Map 地圖 as its spring broadside, dedicated to the 2021 graduates, their parents, and their teachers.

I am so happy and honored to announce that the legendary Arion Press is publishing my poem The Map 地圖 in English and Chinese (for the first time in Arion’s history) as its spring broadside, with title calligraphy by world-renowned calligrapher Aiqin Zhou.

Watch Arion’s announcement of The Map 地圖 on youtube:

“Arion dedicates this broadside to the Graduating Class of 2021, their families, and their teachers who have persevered through the greatest global pandemic in 100 years.”

“A heartwarming, universal poem from the past challenging year that honors the love between child and nurturer–no matter what age.

Gift a copy to a parent, teacher, or graduate in your life.”

Information on the publication (including videos and audios) and purchasing:

Media Page (with press releases in English and Chinese):

Product Page (to order):

This poem has touched so many hearts and moved a number of them to record themselves reading “The Map”. Here are voices from around the globe #ReadingTheMap. Should you feel moved to record yourself reading “The Map” –whether it be in English, Chinese, or another language– please email it to Arion press or post on social media with #ReadingTheMap:

You can also find the poem in both languages here on my website:

Arion Press is one of the best fine presses in the world and “the nation’s irreplaceable historical and cultural legacy.” This project is a labor of love for both Arion and myself. “The Map” is one of its most affordable items, perfect as a family gift. We tried our best to be ready before Mother’s Day but were delayed a little. One can make every day a Mother’s Day, and in the meantime, the Graduation Day and Father’s Day are coming right up :)!

If you feel moved by what we present, please order a copy or two of “The Map” for your loved ones and help us spread the word!