This Poem has been published by Setu सेतु, featuring me as Author of the Month:

The Gold Miner

You walk against the flow
dredging through mud
grasping sparkly grains
call it achievement.

You stand in the flow
sieving through sand
finding shiny pieces
call it happiness.

You follow the flow
feeling through the water
stumbling upon glowing nuggets
call it wisdom.

Finally content
with what you’ve gathered
you sit by the river
watching it flow
as the weight of gold
into thin air

until you are awakened
as if from a dream

by a newcomer, eager and hopeful
fresh and transparent like a morning dew
who shyly inquires about
the river, and gold…

to whom you have nothing to show
but your words
that there is gold

to whom you have nothing to offer
but your sieve
which has withstood
the flow of
endless sand and mud.

The painting is by artist Jie Yu (my sister).