If I Already Forgave You

This Poem has been published by Setu सेतु, featuring me as Author of the Month: https://www.setumag.com/2021/02/author-of-month-chun-yu.html

If I Already Forgave You

If I already forgave you,
what would life be?

With the innocence of a toddler
I would look up to you between my first steps,
and smile —
amazed by your existence
at each sight of you;
amazed by my ability
to reach you on my own.

I would just walk to you with that smile
and no clouds in my heart.
Clear as the blue sky —
I know you are the one,
the only one I would walk to
with no other purpose in the world.

If I just forgive you, forgive each of you,
and forgive myself —

I would just walk, walk towards you,
from moment to moment,
I would walk through life,
already and always
in love.