Reading The Map: #ReadingTheMap

“The Map” has touched so many hearts and moved many people to record themselves reading “The Map”. Arion Press established a page for voices from around the globe #ReadingTheMap. Should you feel moved to record yourself reading “The Map” –whether it be in English, Chinese, or another language– please email it to Arion press or post on social media with #ReadingTheMap:   

You can also find the poem in both languages here on my website:

San Francisco Chronicle: These Bay Area artists spent the past year creating. Now their pandemic babies are ready to be born

Thanks to San Francisco Chronicle for the interview and article, featuring Two Languages/One Community project and ending with the last lines of my poem The Map:

The Map 地图,a bilingual poem

My bilingual poem The Map《地图》has been published by the Poem of the Day series of SFPL curated by Kim Shuck the current poet laureate of SF. The Chinese version was first published in China on Xinhua Daily last year. I wrote this for my father who checks a map every time I go out whenever I visit my parents in Nanjing. It’s truly for my parents and all the parents in the world. Now due to the COVID-19 crisis, like many people in the world, I’m separated from my parents without knowing when I can see them in China. May we be united with our beloved ones soon! Enjoy and feel free to share the poem with your family and friends!
Poem of the Day Link:

今天我的双语诗The Map 《地图》由旧金山公共图书馆Poem of the Day《今天的诗》系列推出。这个系列由现任旧金山桂冠诗人Kim Shuck主编。他们应我的要求在Father’s Day父亲节之前发布。中文版去年由《新华日报》的艺坛首发。这首诗是写给我的父母和天下所有的父母们的。目前在疫情下,世界各地的许多的人们都和他们的父母亲人天各一方,希望我们和父母亲人都能早日团圆; 欢迎大家转发分享!

From the readers:
“This poem is so extraordinarily poignant and beautiful! It is one of my favorite poems ever! It is so infused with love, the precious love between a child, at each stage of the life cycle, and her nurturing, loving, protective parents. This is great!!!” Mitch Hall

YBCA 100 2020 Award for Creative Changemakers

Truly honored to be selected for the YBCA 100 of 2020! What an honor to be among the creative changemakers and everyday heroes Yerba Buena Center for Arts is recognizing and celebrating for their efforts to build sustainable, equitable, and regenerative communities. Thank you all so much dear friends for your support and nomination!
Please come to explore my work and other YBCA 100 honorees’ work through &

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From Phil Quigley, the event organizer: “Your warmth, wit and sense of humor touched our hearts, and made us realize that whatever country we may call home, we’re all part of the same human family. Feelings and emotions are universal, and you made us feel a little of what life was like for you in those trying times. You showed us that we all of have a core of inner strength to tap into when times get tough, and that the human spirit is indomitable.”