YBCA 100 2020 Award for Creative Changemakers

Truly honored to be selected for the YBCA 100 of 2020! What an honor to be among the creative changemakers and everyday heroes Yerba Buena Center for Arts is recognizing and celebrating for their efforts to build sustainable, equitable, and regenerative communities. Thank you all so much dear friends for your support and nomination!
Please come to explore my work and other YBCA 100 honorees’ work through https://ybca.org/honoree/chun-yu/ & ybca.org/ybca-100

Chun Yu visit Yahoo!

From Phil Quigley, the event organizer: “Your warmth, wit and sense of humor touched our hearts, and made us realize that whatever country we may call home, we’re all part of the same human family. Feelings and emotions are universal, and you made us feel a little of what life was like for you in those trying times. You showed us that we all of have a core of inner strength to tap into when times get tough, and that the human spirit is indomitable.”