I drop it
like a drop of water
into the ocean.

Will it be counted
will it count?

This only drop I have
in the year 2020
a year of too many
difficulties to count
is a drop in which
my future lies with
a million uncertainties and
a million fears and hopes
just like every other drop
in the ocean of ballots
dropped by each American
as winter arrives in
a year of too many
heartbreaks to count.

The ocean is splitting
in raging storms
and each side says
our boat will be
crushed and sunk
if the other side wins.

I drop it—
my ballot of 2020
like a drop of water
into the raging ocean
and hope
it will be counted
and it will count
as a drop
which floats the boat
carrying us all.

This poem is written for the 2020 election of America. It has been published on MiGoZine (1st issue of 2021): https://migozine.org/2021/01/12/yu/